Operation “Stolen Lives – 2”

Operation “Stolen Lives – 2”
Operation “Stolen Lives – 2”

In memory of: Josh Wilkerson, Jamiel Shaw Jr, Brandon Mendoza and Kate Steinle. All whose lives were taken by Illegal Aliens some of whom had prior and/or lengthy criminal records.

This was one of the most demanding operations for our volunteers.
The average daytime temps were 108 with a high of 117.
Average hump to locations 1 1/2 miles, longest 2 1/2 miles of some of the most brutal terrain we have to offer. Eight volunteers went down with heat injuries.

After a day of rest and hydration they were ready to get out there again.
This is brutal terrain and temperatures out here and it will kick the ass of even the most hard core, but it’s our duty and we will continue to do it no matter what the conditions are.

Arizona Border Recon is made up of American and international volunteers working together to aid border patrol agents and deter crime. Video courtesy of AZBR volunteer “JW”, music from the “Lone Survivor” soundtrack


Thank you to all 28 volunteers who came out from Texas, Indiana, Kansas, Florida, California,Virginia, Arizona and Australia


Top left Jamiel Shaw Jr.(17) Top right Sgt. Brandon Mendoza(32) Bottom left Joshua Wilkerson(18) Bottom right Kate Steinle(32) Please excuse the age typo above Kate’s picture





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